Sooo... the sparkly vampires I mentioned? Read this. And weep/laugh/whatever.

My typewriter desk? Well, it's a Remington typewriter desk, and the last patent date is April 9, 1889. The typewriter I intended to place on it? A Remington typewriter, of course. :)

(Please don't mind the floor--it's not actually dirt, but old glue residue.)

So anyway, it's a really nice solid oak desk. And it will probably stay where it is, or near there, because I have no other place to put it.

I did go to Lawrenceburg, and I did buy two items. One was a folding loom stand, or a tapestry stand or something like that, which actually fits my other loom pretty well, and the other thing was a vintage folding wire cart. You press on a little lever and it folds! Just like that! It's pretty cool. The funny thing was that I saw another one just like it, only really rusty, for $3 less than what I paid for mine. As if anyone would want a really rusty cart?!

The loom stand was for my LeClerc Bergere loom, which I'm not sure I've mentioned before. It is a table loom, but a rigid heddle loom. And it really, really needed a stand. This actually works perfectly.

I still have to mow my grass (after supper, I promise; the neighbors mowed their grass again today, the second time in a week) and wash some more dishes. Other than that, I need to pick beans and maybe some tomatoes, depending on what's ripe, write, and generally enjoy the rest of what turned out to be a Very Busy Weekend.


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