I realized last night--a bit belatedly, but even then--that since the reason why I've not been making dolls lately is because I am having a lot of trouble finding the specific yarn for their hair, and since I have a spinning wheel now, I could very well really and truly spin my own yarn for doll hair.


But this actually entails a bit of research, because if I wanted to do that, I'd probably stick with natural colors. (Except for the auburn, maybe--I'm not sure what sheep/alpaca/whatever is naturally auburn.) And then, of course, I'd have to figure out how to do it.

Heck, if I figured it out, I could always sell my doll hair yarn, too. Hmm.


Grey said…
Yes, yes you could. *grin*
Jennifer said…
Which makes it a useful craft, and thus more likely to stick around.

It figures!
Unknown said…
Oh, yes. :) I imagine plying the yarn, setting it, and then pulling the plies apart would make wavy/curly hair.

I don't know about auburn, but I've seen all kinds of browns and tans, and black and white, of course. I just bought some alpaca that's a dark brown with reddish tips.
Jennifer said…
I will have to experiment a bit!

That alpaca sounds very pretty!

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