I ended up splitting the spaghetti sauce between two pots anyway, because I was afraid it would boil over. That meant I had some for Mom's birthday supper, and I also have about 15qts in my oven right now, staying warm until morning when I can boil it down the rest of the way.

The bread tasted pretty good! It wasn't too garlicky at all, really. I could have put more garlic in it. I am going to use the rest for toasted pizzas for lunches/suppers.

And I actually did the dishes--including the 26qt stockpot, which doesn't fit in my sink properly because it's too tall. If I take the dish drainer out of the other side of the sink, it's workable, so I did wash it tonight. That means most of the dishes I dirtied today are clean! Yay!

Hopefully I will get the rest of them washed tomorrow.

And it looks like we're going to see the Bodies Exhibit on Monday. This is the last week, and I've been wanting to see it. Hopefully it won't be too crowded (haha. On a holiday? I bet it will be packed.)


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