The sauerkraut is well, sour. The book (Wild Fermentation) said to not worry about the mold that formed on top. That it was normal, just discard it. So I did. And I ate a little bit and didn't die (yet) so I guess okay. I've made my own sauerkraut. I ended up with a quart and a half. One more thing off my list...

I have three half-gallon jars of pickles in the fridge. Two of one recipe that contained (among other things) cinnamon and mustard; one from a really simple recipe that had your basic dill, garlic, and salt. Hopefully they will pickle. I am now just about out of cucumbers, with more coming, so some people on my list might get pickles for Christmas or their birthdays this year. (Since the birthdays come sooner, that will probably work. Is it stupid to give your Dad a jar of homemade pickles for his birthday since he's so hard to buy for? (And I know he will read this, so it's really a rhetorical question.) I need to buy more salt. That goes on my list for later when I go to the grocery.

I made a very simple recipe for lunch today: okra with cornmeal sprinkled on top and then chopped tomatoes sprinkled on top of that. I added cheese because I thought it needed cheese. It was very yummy. I had forgotten, I guess, that I actually like okra. I am planning to make okra pickles, too, because why not? I'll have plenty of it.

I did one load of dishes, but then dirtied a bunch more, so I have to put away the first load and do another.

And I'm still in my pajamas. This tends to happen a lot on the weekends when I start cleaning/cooking/whatever before I actually think about getting dressed. But if I'm intending to go to the grocery, I will have to get dressed eventually.


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