I had to go out in the garden tonight because I didn't make it out there yesterday evening. Three and a half pounds of tomatoes,(one half pound of that was a single Amish Paste tomato (you can see it in the kind of blurry picture; it's the paste tomato on steroids!), six okra, one huge cucumber I can't believe I missed last time, two other cucumbers, two spaghetti squash that unfortunately have worms and must be eaten soon, and two handsful of beans later, I was finished. And check out my cute Red Fig tomatoes!

We are having fabulous weather right now. It's supposed to be in the 50s tonight, and nice all weekend long. I am looking forward to working in my bedroom, and maybe even on the front porch. That would be nice!

Don't miss the flower post below this one; I took lots of pictures tonight.


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