I helped make apple pie mixes last night with Mom and Dad--we ended up with six and they are in my freezer because Mom and Dad's freezer is full. I am not complaining. :)

Then, of course, I came home to find that Miss Mabel had puked all over the kitchen and entry room floors! Both floors! And I really, really wanted to mop both floor at 9pm. I really did. That was high on my list of things to do last night, it was. /sarcasm

She was not on my good list last night.

This weekend is going to be a bit busy--there's an auction up town tomorrow morning (it's a restaurant auction) and then a bridal shower in the afternoon. Sunday is Burlington, where I'm only bringing a small amount of money but will get my exercise in for the weekend. Hopefully I will have enough time in between everything to get out into the garden at least once, do the dishes that have been sitting there all week, work on my shawl for a bit, and write Fire and Water. I'm not planning to do much cleaning this weekend, but if some gets done, I won't complain.

One thing I definitely have to do this weekend is make something for breakfasts, preferably granola, because I've been out of granola for two weeks now and scrambling for stuff for breakfast. Of course, I never think about breakfast until it's breakfast time, either, which doesn't help.


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