It's in the washer now, and hopefully won't shrink too much. :)

Taking this off the loom was very interesting. About halfway through last night's bit of weaving, I became convinced that it wouldn't be long enough for a shawl, even though I measured with plenty of room for loom waste and everything else. But for some reason, the finished part on the loom seemed awfully small and I knew I was getting close to the end. Obviously, my fears were for naught, because unwashed, this is over 6 feet long.

I braided the fringe because I wasn't sure what else to do with it that would be interesting. I had intended to tie on the purple mohair for more fringe, but I decided against it after seeing the plain red against the pretty colors of the weave.

I have lots and lots of the purple mohair left, so I may do another one eventually, maybe even the same colors. This one, though, is for me.


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