Um, ok. When you list a 20 inch Ashford Knitters Loom on ebay for a really, really low price, and then ship me a 12 inch Ashford Knitters Loom and then claim that it was the length you were measuring and not the width what the heck are you thinking?!

I am not very pleased at the moment.

(And yes, I thought I had bought another loom. Not so fast, though. I really can't believe the seller didn't take enough time to do a bit of research before posting the auction.)

Here was my reply to her initial email telling me it had shipped:

Hi __________,

I got the loom today, but there's a slight problem--the 12 inch Knitters Loom was shipped and not the 20 inch Knitters Loom. I thought the box looked a bit small! I already have a 12 inch Knitters Loom, so I definitely don't need another one; I was looking forward to trying the larger size. What do you need me to do? Let me know.



And her reply:

What you got is the 20" loom. I never bought any of the 12" looms. The 20" measurement is from you out, not from side to side. The width is 15".

And my reply:

Hi ________,

There is a 12 inch loom and a 20 inch loom. The 20 inch loom retails for $225, which is what you said in the auction. The 12 inch loom retails for $198. The 12 and 20 inch refers to the weaving width, not the length.

Here is a link:
Since the auction description said both $225 and 20 inch, I assumed I was buying the 20 inch loom. Perhaps I should have clarified through a message, but I was in a rush and did not. Even so, I wonder if the other person who bought your other listed loom expected a 12 inch or a 20 inch?

It would have taken two seconds to find out the correct way to list these.

Do you accept returns?



Okay, hopefully that wasn't too snarky, but sheesh! We'll see what kind of reply I get.

I had been thinking about getting another Ashford Knitters Loom so I could have two projects going at once, in essence. But I figured if I was going to get another one, I should get the larger one, but I can't bring myself to pay that much for one. So when I saw the listing on ebay (for a Buy It Now) for a really great price, I snapped it up and so did someone else (she had two listed.) I wonder if the other person expected a 12 inch or a 20 inch?

Obviously, I should have clarified, but I thought it was obvious, since the retail price was listed and so was what I thought was the width.

Worst case scenario, I sell it, because I can probably get my money back without an issue. But still! Annoying.


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