It makes perfect sense to me that a vampire's eyes would be fairly sensitive to sunlight. After all, spending every single day inside is nothing compared to riding on horseback in the full strength of dawn*. Wouldn't you think?

*In Faerie**. Otherwise, he'd be toast. Literally.

**The sunlight in Faerie is not fatal to vampires. No one knows why, including me***. This first came up in Budget Cuts when Ivy, Karen, and Nathaniel are walking through Faerie to reach the elves' castle to talk to Amalea (and Kyren) about a certain buried treasure.

***I just write the stories; I have no control over anything else, including obscure folklore. I'm sure there's a reason.

(Fire and Water is currently up to 56,905 words. Obviously I intend to get to 57k tonight.)


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