Dad just told me about this auction on September 13th. I guess I know where I'll be on that day, hmm?

To me, it looks like the loom (check the pictures, about halfway down) is newer than mine. It's also backwards in the picture, btw. I'm interested in the 'bolts of cloth' that are with it but they didn't take pictures of. And all that cast iron! I'm sure it will go for a lot, but even then. It will be a good auction to be at nonetheless.

I would have to sell the loom if I did buy it, though. And prices on ebay really depend on where in the USA you are; some have gone for $400+, others under $200 as I've been watching them. So we'll see.

Eventually, I would like to have a four-harness floor loom for rugs and suchlike. I'm pretty sure I know what brand and everything, but that's way in the future unless I come across a really good deal I can't pass up.


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