The only bad thing about putting frozen blackberries on my oatmeal in the morning are the seeds that get stuck in my teeth.

It was tasty, though!

Today, I really need that spaghetti sauce to get done. It's boiling away now, and I'll turn it off while I'm at church, of course. I also need to pick the tomatoes (and anything else that is ripe, since I didn't get out there yesterday) and make those pickles. So I guess today will be a repeat of yesterday, except with less spaghetti sauce.

I may juice tomatoes, too, depending on how many I pick. I know I will be doing more slow-roasted tomatoes today (the stove's already on, so why not?) and, of course, more dishes. Because I do still have some to wash. Of course.

I found a lid that fit the stockpot I bought at the auction two weeks ago--which was still sitting where I left it (the dough buckets are still there, although I've started washing the lids), so see, I do have more dishes to wash!--so that's usable, although now I'm not sure what size it really is. I guess I should compare it to my 8qt stockpot. But that also means I need to clean off the laundry room shelves again, because I'm out of room again. And that means this time, some things are going to go, I think. I'm not sure what yet, but I have an awful lot of kitchen stuff.

My 5 1/2lbs of Red Fig tomatoes that I gave to Dad to use in his dehydrator did not work out. They sat all week long without doing much at all (I have been drying them whole) and then broke the dehydrator. Dad thinks it got too hot, but he fixed it. Unfortunately, my tomatoes promptly got covered in mold. Which is a shame, but it's not like I don't have more of them. Mom has suggested I cut them in half to dry them. Good idea, although that would be a pain! I'm still not sure why it works in my little dehydrator and not in Dad's. Oh well.

(I think I'd better stop writing now and get going!)


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