So I wrote a note in my livejournal about an upcoming scene in Fire and Water thirteen days ago.

I wrote the scene in question this morning. Gabriel had a good argument--in fact, for Gabriel, it was a veritable speech.

"If I used that spell to bring Zechariah back to life; if I extended my control over my Hounds from beyond the grave itself, then where would I stop? If Malachi decides he cannot live as he is now; if he finds a way to kill himself, would I then bring him back? Where would I stop? Or worse--if another Hound dies; one who has angered me for whatever reason, and I decide not to bring him back, then what kind of monster would I have become?"

Sometimes, it's not easy being the Master of the Wild Hunt. Heh.

(And Fire and Water is now over 61k.)


Grey said…
It reminds me a bit of the original Highlander movie. Having vast powers isn't always so great.
Jennifer said…
Or Spiderman--"With great power comes great responsibility" or any of the others. :)

Interesting how that theme just kind of snuck in there...

That reminds me of when I was about seventeen, and realized that it probably wouldn't be a cool thing to be a vampire and live forever.

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