Fire and Water is currently 49,606 words. I am obviously aiming for 50k tonight. I mean, that's almost a come hell or high water goal!

I decided just to resell my extra Knitters Loom. I've posted in on Craigslist. If I don't get any nibbles there, it will go on ebay. (The seller did refund a bit of the purchase price because of the confusion. Evidently, it was her importer who was sending her the wrong looms and claiming they were the 20 inch ones, and she just never realized anything was wrong. Nice!) I am adding on an extra heddle, though, because I've never used it and I figured it might be nice to get rid of that one too.

I made eight French Bread Pizzas from the rest of the baguettes for lunches this week. I actually might have enough for the rest of the week, if I eat something else for supper. And I burned the roof of my mouth on the one I ate today for lunch. Ouch! Even ice cream didn't help.


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