Things I need to do before/by Saturday:

--Buy more vinegar
--Pick up peppers and onions from Mom and Dad's house
--Do another load of dishes
--Mail Grey's package, which is still being filled.

Partial list of things to do on Saturday:

--Okra pickles
--Regular pickles
--Spaghetti Sauce!
--Slow-Roasted Pizza Sauce
--Cast iron pizza sauce? (Why not?)
--Make Garlic Bread for supper
--Slow Roasted Tomatoes? (Or on Sunday?)
--Wrap Mom's present
--Pick stuff in garden
--Do something with all of these tomatoes! (some will be used up for the experimental sauces, I'm sure)
--Write Fire and Water
--Do more dishes!
--Eat supper @ Mom and Dad's house--spaghetti!

Partial list of things to do Sunday:

--Write Fire and Water
--Weave some more!
--Warp small loom
--Warp more of the big loom
--Probably do more dishes!
--Slow roasted tomatoes?
--Bake bread for the week & Make Granola (Or this could be Saturday too, depending.)
--Put away towels in laundry room
--Clean in bedroom? (I really need to put away my clothes before it's winter again and time to bring out my sweaters that are still in piles around my room.)

Partial List for Monday:

-- ?


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