I think we've finally reached the saturation point for humidity in the house. It took a while, but here it is. Everything (including me) is sticky. Yuck.

I had the air on downstairs last night as I wrote, more for the humidity than the actual temperature. But it was 85 in the kitchen, which is far too warm. Some of my tomatoes rotted! :(

So anyway, I am pretty sure I'll have to turn on the air today, too. And I might have to hook up the air conditioner in my bedroom. Or bring it downstairs and put it in the kitchen. Hmm. That might be the better solution.

Right now, though, and for the next hour or so, I am writing. I already did some dishes this morning, Ethan's b-day party is this evening, and I'm going to an auction with Mom and Dad this evening too. I'm not expecting to buy much of anything; I'm riding with them to the b-day party and they are going to it afterwards. But those are, of course, Famous Last Words, so we'll see.

Tomorrow is the Lawrenceburg Antique Show, which I missed last month, and I also have to mow my grass, do laundry, and all the usual bits and pieces of chores. I would also like to get my bedroom finished this weekend; I worked on my clothes on and off all week long and didn't get finished. But there were a lot of clothes.


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