Michael opened his eyes and stared up at her. "There are stories? About me?" He laughed. "I imagine they're 'this is what not to do' sort of stories."

Hey, Michael's back!

Nasty Scene #1 now wants to span a few chapters. First chapter, set-up, is written. Then we get Michael's chapter, which I'm writing now. Then, Malachi's POV, and some death and destruction. Then Josiah's POV, which starts a bit earlier time-wise, and will eventually catch up with the Nasty.

Then nightfall, and Erialas will get to leave his house, yay! But in truth, Lucas will come to visit before then.

Wordcount: 36,052

I got barely 200 words written yesterday, if that. So most of the difference between today and Saturday is from today alone. Not bad! I may hit novel-length this week!


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