I am no longer allowed to say that I "probably won't buy anything but you know what happens when I say that" and then go to an auction where giant lovely hutches are going for $40 and even bigger lovelier ones at least went for $200 so I didn't feel obligated to buy them. (I didn't buy the $40 ones either, let's just say. But OUCH. Eastlake-style beds for $50/each. OUCH. Nice wooden plant stands for $20/each. If I had $500, I could have loaded up an entire car with stuff to resell at Burlington or on ebay. Ouch. A brass bed from the late 1800s that didn't get any bids, even at $20. OUCH. (Dad did say we should have bid on that one. In retrospect, it probably would have been an easy resell.)

But I fed my table fetish. TWICE. An old-style (but newer) farmhouse/trestle-ish table, and an old and very heavy smaller table of the same style. The intention was to use the newer table as my kitchen table, since my current kitchen table is so large, but we'll see. The smaller one, well, I can fit it somewhere. It would actually be a lot sturdier to use for my loom propping table (I'm using the folding sewing table at the moment, which works fine, but isn't as sturdy as it could be.) so I may just put it there in front of my church pew.

And I bought another typewriter desk, this one fancier and solid oak. Which I did not need and have no room for. I am not carrying it upstairs. It will have to fit somewhere down here, which means I'll have to find a place for it. I think maybe I've figured it out, but we'll see.

I bought a floor lamp for $7.50; that was my first purchase, and once I fix it up a bit, it will be useful.

I also bought a very low armless high-backed rocking chair that has birds-eye maple on the back (probably veneer, but who knows) and should be perfect as a big harp chair in the dining room. It's small, unobtrusive, and is actually pretty cool looking.

Long story short, we didn't get to the auction until 8pm. We didn't leave until after 11pm. I didn't actually get home (because we had to unload one car and load up another) until after 12am, closer to 1am.

And why am I up so early this morning? Dad pushed departure time for Lawrenceburg to 8:30am, and I told him I would go with him this month. I am not bringing much money. At all.


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