So... my tall stockpot is 26 quarts, not 18. That's a big difference, but it also means that I can do two batches of spaghetti sauce at once, which is nice.

However, I have discovered a small problem.

My tall stockpot is 16 inches tall.

My longest spoon is 14 inches long.

See the problem?

I was within an inch of being okay until I started adding ingredients to the mix. Now, I'm over by an inch, and I still have ingredients to add.


Luckily, I have the dough beater from King Arthur Flour, which just happens to have a nice wire whisk part that just happens to be strong enough to hold my longest spoon, so I have MacGuyvered a solution.

But this issue got me thinking about carving spoons again, so I went online to look for books or websites again, and came across this. And he has a book, too! With spoons, knives and forks in it! Ha. My second search for attempting this stuff has paid off. :)

There will be handcarved/whittled spoons in my future!


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