And finished @ 12:34pm.

50,001 words. Haha. I burst out laughing when I checked the final wordcount. Scared all the cats who were sleeping on my bed, too.

Transformation, the second book in the series-which-has-yet-to-be-named, is DONE.

The rewrite took 8 days. Yes, that's cutting and pasting in there as well, but even then, 8 days was a lot of new material, too. Nothing to shake a stick at, most definitely.

As a note to myself, the next book, which doesn't have a title yet, will begin with the planning of a wedding. I'm going to really have to stretch for that one. :)

Next Up on my list: (And I'm now done with the backlog, by the way, except for Nightshades, which may never be rewritten)

--the next Karen Montgomery story, Detour

--Scarecrows, the next book in the Beth-Hill series.

However, I have a house to clean (as I said before my subconscious decided to cough up a solution to the problems I was having in Transformation) so no rush. At all.


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