I watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with Emily last night, and I do wish I'd seen it in the theater. It was pretty typical for an Indiana Jones movie, but since I love Indiana Jones movies, I didn't care. Yes, I'm a bit behind on movies.

We (Mom and I) were supposed to make jam and jelly today, but that's been postponed until tomorrow, so I have today to do what I intended to do tomorrow, which is fine, really, because I didn't have a lot planned for this weekend anyway. In a bit, I'm going to write until noon (or thereabouts) and then get to work in my bedroom, which was on my list for this weekend. (I've put away some of my clothes already, but there are still more to put away, of course.)

I've heard there's a vampire movie out that is much, much better than the sparkly one (which I will not name), except--it's Swedish. Which isn't a terrible thing, as it will be out on DVD in March with subtitles. The book is also available. I guess I should plan ahead, then, and decide that I'll be making a purchase from Amazon in March and just buy both book and movie at the same time. It would be cool to actually read the book in Swedish, but I'm not going to get to that point by the time the movie's available here. :)


Grey said…
Ooo. I'm going to have to try that book. And no, not in Swedish. lol...
Jennifer said…
Well, that would get me learning Swedish very quickly, I'd think. :)

It does sound interesting, though!

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