Brrrrrrrrr! According to the radio, it's -5 degrees Fahrenheit outside this morning. My thermometer has dead batteries, or I'd check myself.

It's cold in the kitchen, but not unbearably so. However, it's 70 degrees upstairs in my hallway, and that's just too hot for wintertime! I wish I could funnel all that hot air down to the kitchen. Argh.

I have the thermostat set on 65 degrees for the evening/night, and that means there's a 5 degree difference between floors. It's like walking into a sauna without the humidity.

(And right at the moment, I have a kitten tucked into my robe. I don't think he's cold; he just wants to cuddle.)

Made it to 33k last night. I'm getting to the point where the various storylines really should start crossing, but so far they are being stubbornly blank as to how that's going to happen.


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