Is this an ending I see before me*? Or, failing that, at least a climax?

I am just around 40k right now, and I know the next chapter, and the chapter after that (not sure of the POV of that one, though), the two stories are coming together quite nicely if I do say so myself, and--

I could maybe, possibly get this finished this weekend. (I can't believe I just said that!)

Yikes. (We'll see about that, though; I'm thinking it will end up around 60k, and that's still another 20k to write, because I'm just about out of cut and paste bits. But it would be nice. I do have other stuff to do this weekend, though.)

In other news, Basil's food is in a small one handled bowl--like this--and there's also a water bowl in the bathroom exactly like it. The other cats aren't supposed to eat Basil's food (we all know how this pans out, I'm sure) and they tend to scratch whatever is lying around over top of the food bowl to "save" it for later.

They've started doing this with the water bowl, too. Which means that right now, the water bowl is filled with soggy toilet paper from Basil's toys. *sigh*

I also am taking advantage of King Arthur Flour's free shipping option to stock up on some things I need--like flour, because I'm almost out of that 50lbs of bread flour Dad and Em bought for me in October (Okay, that's three months ago, and I did have a baked goods auction and a craft show in there, which was something like 30 loaves of bread) and I can't run out of flour, now can I? I mean, that would be like running out of tea around here. So I'm placing an order, because I really only place orders there about once every six months anyway, so it can be in the budget just fine. (I'm not out of cheese yet or anything else that I'd buy at the Amish store, so I'll wait for that.) I am also almost out of yeast. How did that happen?!

*My pardon to Shakespeare. I couldn't resist.


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