If ever I opened that boulangerie, (I mean, it wouldn't be a bakery. I'd do bread. And have tea, of course) I would definitely have to add the fridge bread idea to my repertoire. I made the challah yesterday, and wow. Impressive. I was a little unsure of the state of the dough when I first got it out of the fridge, because it looked a bit too cake-like for me, but it turned out great.

I brought a loaf to work today and it was almost gone by the time I left. Works for me. :) I gave one of the other loaves to Mom and Dad. The only issue I'm having with these recipes is that they aren't making four loaves of bread for me. I'm only getting three. Not a terrible issue, really.

I watched and listened to the inaguration today, and I will admit, I had tears in my eyes at the end. I hope, hope, hope that things really start to change. I mean, I realize the odds are stacked against him. But one can hope. Also, loved Michelle Obama's dress. It looked fabulous on her--I wouldn't have worn it myself, but I don't look good in yellow. She does.


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