I promise this will be my last post today.

The soup? Oh, my, it's lovely. I will definitely have to write this recipe down. (But what to call it? Ham & Potato Soup? There are veggies in it too. Maybe Ham & Potato Chowder? Maybe I need to write that cookbook this year?)

The cracked wheat bread? I will definitely make this one again. The recipe said it was crunchy, and it is, and it has a very crumbly crumb, which is actually very nice. I can see this tasting very good with decent peanut butter or just jelly.

The artisan fridge bread? (I'm sorry, I'm making fun of it. Yes, I am.) Also good. Reminds me a lot of no-knead bread in taste and texture. I think it would also make great pizza dough, because it's chewy. I am curious to see how the whole wheat turns out, but I think I'll probably leave that until next weekend and see how it ages over the course of a week.


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