This morning, I woke up and thought about Transformation. And I thought, hey! And hey, what about this? and wait a minute, what if I did this instead?

And I laid in bed until 9:40am thinking about plot points, and what I've done wrong. And I realized that even though it's 57k, I really need to officially end this version and rewrite everything but the majority of the first chapter.

I uncovered some stuff in version 2.0, you see (version 1.0 was written years and years ago and never made it very far) and I really want to work with what I've found out.

Think of it as mining for jewels. You've traveled down a side shoot of the main mine because it looked promising, but that side shoot only leads to the jackpot. As such.

I think my biggest hangup about this was the fact that I didn't want to waste 57k worth of work. But I see now that I'm not wasting it; I never would have gotten to this point that I have in my mind right now without writing what I wrote. So there.


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