Another snow day. It's sleeting outside at the moment, and the snow is on its way, and they are predicting another 3 or so inches today. Thankfully, all of this mess is supposed to be over by tonight/tomorrow, so I should be able to go to work tomorrow.

The irritating part is that I have to take a vacation day because the State never closes. And since I was already off Friday, that's 3 vacation days this week. *sigh* I should have just taken the week off.

They even closed the library. I mean, that's impressive. We never closed when I worked at the library!

Oh, and to top it all off, about 7:30 this morning, the cell phone tower/s froze and the only way I could get service to call out was to either stand on the front porch (although that only worked once) or go upstairs to Ethan's old room and face the west-facing window. There I got a half a bar. This will be great, no cell phone service all day long. (And I can't dial out long distance from my home phone, and everything is long distance.)

And, I think my neighbors might lose a really large tree branch. It will either go sideways and land in their bushes/side yard/house, or it will go straight down and land across my driveway. Not on my car, thank goodness, but it would block my driveway. We'll see if it does fall. (I hope not.)

Mom and Dad don't have electricity right now (I do, obviously) so it gets even better as we go along here. Argh. Storms!


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