Today was a busy day. I left the house around 9am to go to an auction with Mom and Dad--in Aberdeen. It's inside, but without heat except for those portable heaters, so we dressed very warmly. There wasn't a lot at the auction I was interested in, nothing much in the description, but I thought it might be worthwhile to go anyway, since I hadn't been to an auction for a while.

Well... I only spent $26, well under my auction/antique show budget. And I bought something I've always wanted for my quilt collection--an embroidered crazy quilt. And I think the yarn used to embroider parts of it is handspun; it looks like it anyway. That was $20, and if you check them out on ebay, that was a steal. (Mine's not quite this elaborate, but boy do I wish it was!) It has lovely embroidery, and I'd say 95% of the fabric is intact. It also has some unusual embroidered designs. I'll have to post photos.

The only other thing I really wanted was the Scheaffer fountain pen, and I had to buy it in a boxlot for $6. However, I just looked it up on ebay, and I probably won't be keeping it, because it's a Scheaffer Snorkel fountain pen, and the only two in the completed auctions in this color sold for $38 and $40. So. Maybe I just need to buy a newer one on ebay that uses cartridges, because this one's probably going into the auction pile.

So anyway, after the auction, we went to Bekah's baby shower, which was very nice and she got a lot of cute stuff for Baby Mya. I gave her Rosie the puppy, and she liked it--Emily wants a bunny for Elsa, so I guess I'll be making a bunny next. There were quite a few people there, and boy do they have cute baby things nowadays! Not that they didn't before, but even so. After the shower, we stopped at Bekah and Matt's apartment, where I helped load Dad's van with stuff to take up to the yard sales/rummage sale. Bekah has no use for my cedar chest anymore, so I got that back, although I'm going to take it up to the yard sale this coming weekend because I really don't have any use for it here. (I have loads of trunks and two other cedar chests already.) If it doesn't sell, I'll bring it back here and maybe try Craigslist eventually.

I didn't get home until after 7pm, and I didn't get enough tea today, so I have a headache on top of being rather tired, so I'm going to bed early tonight. But it was a busy and fulfilling day, so I can't complain. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, though. :(


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