And today, Full Moon rose to #8! Whee!

It is very snowy outside right now. The roads are fine so far, but I wished for my camera on the way home, because every tree I passed was wreathed in white and when the wind kicked up, the pine trees were a flurry of snowflakes. Very gorgeous. Now, unfortunately, it's dark, so no photographs.

And my subconscious decided that it wanted to reread Second Coming, so since that's on my list, Second Coming it is. I haven't touched this since 2005. It's finished, and I'm finding it only needs some tweaking here or there, but I suppose it will be off my WIP/Revision list soon enough and ready to submit.

(Don't know if I mentioned it here, but I did finally submit Heart's Desire and Fire & Water. I have heard good things.)

Livejournal appears to be down. Hopefully they haven't pulled the plug like everyone feared earlier this week. :P


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