The Sixth Stone, book 5 of the Jacob Lane series, 30,133 words at 6:42pm.

November 25th-January 6th, which is 43 days at 700 words per day, which really stinks, but then again, I didn't write for the whole six days around Christmas because I was nursing my poor strained thumb from where I fell the Tuesday before Christmas. So.

I even reread the whole thing, and only added about 200 words, earlier today. It's a whole story, albeit shorter than normal. And I'm happy with it, too.

I guess I really should not try to expand it too much, because I might lose some of the urgency of the story. And in truth, Nine Lives and Three Wishes was only 34k, and The Ninth Guest was 35k, so I guess this isn't all that far off the mark anyway. (The Karen Montgomery stories don't count, because they're supposed to be short. And The Dead Who Do Not Sleep was my 3-day novel and a sane person can only write so much in three days.)

So finit. And I have no earthly idea about Book 6, which is titled The Fifth Tree*.

So that means that I'm on vacation until my subconscious coughs up what happens next in Transformation. Do you hear that, subconscious?

I will be rereading it, though, at work, so hopefully something will be knocked loose so I can finish it. Because after that, Book 3 of the Beth-Hill series, Scarecrows. Or maybe another Karen Montgomery story. I haven't decided yet.

And, I have So You Want to be a Vampire to reread and submit, Second Coming to revise and submit, and I really should do something about Nightshades. Other than axe it.

And I really, really, really need a series title before I submit SYWTBAV, because I can't submit it without one. Argh!

*I came up with these titles all together in a group, after I decided that this would be a ten book series. Since the actual series has changed quite a bit since book 1, I've been struggling a bit to fit the titles in with the stories.

(Book 8, The Third Wish, is kind of obvious, now that I think about it. Heh. And I really, really need to update my bibliography page.)

And hey! Full Moon is currently #9 on the bestseller list at Fictionwise! I broke the top 10! Yippee!


Grey said…
Wheeee! Congratulations, both on #9 on the finished story!!!
Jenny said…
Congratulations on both those things!
Jennifer said…
Thank you both! :)
bollywood girls said…
i like your blog ....

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