I've been in the kitchen all day, not quite intentionally, but there you go. I baked two loaves of the fridge bread--what the heck do I call this stuff?--mixed up another batch and a batch of wheat bread as well, to see how it goes.

The loaves I made today came out quite nice. I haven't tasted them yet, though.

I am also making cracked wheat bread with freshly ground wheat flour. Haha. Yes, my arms will be sore tomorrow. :)

Grinding went well, though.

And I have a hambone cooling so I can get the rest of the meat off, and it will become ham & potato soup for supper. I am being very domestic today.

In a bit here, I have to go finish up the last bits of a bear. Later on, I will wash the dishes I've dirtied today, and write more on The Sixth Stone.

Quite a nice New Year's Day, so far.


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