I ground my own corn cat litter today. It took me about 10 minutes to grind enough for one litterbox. I have four litterboxes, and two are larger, so maybe an hour tops for enough plus some left over?

I am counting this as exercise for my arms. :)

Oh, and it clumps beautifully, too! I am so pleased. My pocketbook will thank me, too.

34lbs of the corn-based cat litter is $34 at PetSmart. I bought a 50lb bag of cracked corn at the Feed Store for $8. Considering I would really have to buy a big bag of the corn-based litter at least once a month because it doesn't last forever (One big bag will fill all the litterboxes with some leftover) I will be saving $24/month--at least, because I really don't change the entire box as often as I probably should.

So an hour's worth of work per month to save $24? Definitely.

It does look a little different than the storebought brand; it's not as uniform in size. But the cats don't seem to care.


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