Good morning 2009!

For once, no one called me last night to wish me a Happy New Year. I expected it, and intended to stay awake, but I fell asleep anyway and woke up to firecrackers somewhere outside. Although, according to my clock, they set them off an hour early.

So here's my roundup of 2008:

In January, I was writing Transformation. I finished Full Moon, and started decluttering my kitchen (not for the first time, either.) The Secret of Redemption was also re-released.

In February, I ordered my seeds, Ladybug, Ladybug was released, there was a lunar eclipse and White! Death!, I cleaned my office/studio and rearranged it, I posted about how I wanted to rearrange the house when Bekah moved out, and I went out in the woods to take a long walk and take pictures.

In March, I started posting Heart's Desire for free, I was still writing Transformation, I planted my potatoes, my Dana died and I had to rework a couple of chapters, my Dad was in the hospital, and I had to shovel snow.

In April, I got two bunnies from Freecycle, I planted quite a bit in the garden, I started making sourdough bread, the price of flour doubled, and I bought a bike at the first Burlington (among other things.)

In May, I bought a loom and was doomed forever, I bought my knitters loom and got hooked on weaving (or warped on weaving, depending on who you ask), I planted way too many tomato plants, I ate strawberries from my front yard, I stopped writing Transformation, and I pulled out my back.

In June, I drank fresh apple mint tea, Bekah and Ethan moved out and I claimed the Green Room as my Loom Room, I bought a new-to-me bike to ride around town, I went to the farmer's market, I started writing the new version of Fire and Water, I got a letter saying I needed to mow my grass (oops!), I bought a table loom at Burlington, and I got a new fridge!

In July, my sister Jessica opened her etsy store, I kept right on going with Fire and Water, I made scary sauerkraut, I went on vacation to Frankenmuth, Michigan with my family, I achieved my goal of 40mpg in my car!, I took lots of garden pictures, and I tried to clean the whole house and didn't make it.

In August, I made spaghetti sauce, I kept writing Fire and Water (by the end of the month it was over 71,000 words), I bought a spinning wheel and some other weaving-related stuff, and I made pickles!

In September, I finished Fire and Water, I started writing about Transformation again, I found my missing necklace, Basil came to live with me after being rescued from Certain Death, I cleaned and rearranged some more, I tried to cut off the tip of my finger, I carved a wooden spoon, I bought an antique spinning wheel and the coolest boots in the world, and Cocoa came to live with me.

In October, it was my birthday, I went out in the woods and took more photos, I donated fourteen loaves of bread to the baked goods auction, I tried out the monster dough maker, I bought some lovely vintage velvet fabric at Burlington, the price of flour went down to $24/50lbs, I ordered garlic to plant, I went to the RenFaire, and I finished cleaning the dining room/music room!

In November, I had two craft shows, I kept weaving, I bought a tape loom, I went to see Prairie Home Companion live with Mom and Dad, I got stuck (again) writing Transformation, I started getting burblings about The Sixth Stone, I made a bunch of bread for the craft show, I locked myself out of my house in costume and had to climb through the laundry room window to get back inside, I made up a bread recipe, and I finally got Ester (the table loom) working.

In December, I didn't get all my Christmas presents finished but I managed to finish some of them, I had a nice Christmas, I saw Full Moon get to #21 on the Fantasy bestseller list at Fictionwise, I started writing The Sixth Stone, I took refuge at the mall the night before Christmas Eve due to bad weather, I bought a replacement for my Dana that wasn't another Dana, and I kept on weaving.

And that's just what I did from my blog. Heh.

I'll post my 'resolutions' in a separate post since this one's a bit lengthy.


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