And weaving, too! I finally finished the scarf/wrap that I started before Christmas. It was intended to be a present, but after I hurt my thumb, I didn't get it done. Now that my thumb is much better, I can weave again. (And sew, too!)

It is royal blue acrylic warp, with Moonlight Mohair and Red Heart Symphony as the weft, at 5dpi for those of you who are taking notes. I am calling it the 'Celestial' scarf/wrap. :)

Yes, it's as soft and snuggly as it looks. I am going to have to make a shawl out of these yarns. Only, I am out of the yarn now, and would have to buy more. So I will put a yarn purchase on my list, eventually.


Grey said…
Oh, that's so beautiful! And also soft and snuggly? Wow...
Jennifer said…

Can you imagine a blanket made out of this yarn? :)

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