I just saw the first truck (not even a snowplow truck) go past my house since 5:20am when I got up this morning. That's two hours!

The Snowpocalypse is here! Unofficial snowfall at my house right now (I am going to brave the outside for a moment to check) is 5 inches on top of the wooden box in my backyard. (This can't be exact, since some could have blown off, but I bet we don't have more than six at the moment.)

Since it's supposed to snow for the rest of today and into tomorrow, I did take a vacation day today, because 68 is closed for a bridge repair (for 120 days, even) leaving me with only State Route 125 to get to work. Which means the giant Georgetown hill. And honestly, I didn't feel like taking my life into my own hands this morning.

I am hoping that the snow tapers off before tomorrow morning so they can have the roads clear enough to drive to work tomorrow. We'll see.

(And I am not looking forward to shoveling my driveway.)


Jenny said…
Oh my. I hadn't realized how much worse it was going to be down there than up here. Stay safe!
Jennifer said…
I think you got it the last time; we got it this time. :)

Right now, it's ice on top of the snow. Mabel had a hard time going potty a few minutes ago. It's snowshoe snow. I kind of wish I had a pair.

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