My resolutions this year are pretty simple. I'm not going in for long, involved goals; I just want to accomplish a few things.

So, without further ado:

--Still be employed (in the same job with the same pay) by December 31, 2009. (This one I can't really control. But I want it to be here anyway.)

--Build my emergency fund. (This is step #1 of my financial plan.)

--Pay off my credit cards. (using ebay, etsy, my paycheck, any extra money, after my emergency fund is built. This is step #2 of my financial plan.)

--Keep writing. Finish Transformation, darn it. Submit what needs to be submitted. Write what needs to be written. Etc.

--Learn how to use what I have--no more equipment unless it's practically free. I really do need to learn how to use what I have. I really need to take a year off from acquisitions, at least equipment-wise.

--Keep weaving. Make more bears and start making dolls again.

--Eliminate the 'crunch time' for the craft shows by crafting all year long. Build inventory so I'm never stressed out about the craft shows and can possibly do more shows next year.

--Clean my house, and keep it clean. January is my cleaning/decluttering month, so make it work.

--Stop attempting to outdo people with gardens three times the size of mine. Plant according to the space I have. The garden is big enough for me and my neighbors; the only expansions this year should be for flowers and wildflowers around the perimeters of the various gardens. Do not, under any circumstances, plant more than two cherry tomato plants and/or two Red Fig plants.

And other than house-related stuff that has to get done this year, that's about it.

I hope that 2009 is a good year. I'm looking forward to finding out.


ohioexpatriate said…
I appreciate your desire to simplify and plan ahead... these are things I am not all that good at.... though we are making the attempt.

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