I think I actually type faster on Josephine than I did on my Dana. Maybe it's the extra lines of text that I can see, maybe it's just the fact that it looks exactly the same as it does on my desktop. But I swear--I can sit down and start a chapter and the next thing I know, I am done with it.

I got past 46k on Transformation last night. When my subconscious delivers, it really delivers, you know? I'm going to revise my finishing estimate a bit--I'll definitely make it to 50k, but I'm not sure about 55k, much less 60k. This is fine with me; SYWTBAV was 72k, but it ran long. So this is a perfectly acceptable length for the second book of the series-which-has-no-name.

(If I thought people would enter, I'd have a contest to name the series.)


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