So my snow day ended up a no-electricity day as well, but it is (obviously) back on now. It was off from 10:30am-4:45pm.

Around 10am I went upstairs to go through the drawers of my oak craft desk, and since it was still light and I could see fine, I just stayed up there for a few hours and tested pens, had a fight with one of my fountain pens which left me with permanent black ink all over my fingers (both hands, too), rearranged, and generally made it through four drawers before I decided to go shovel snow.

Two hours later, I got my car unstuck from the neighbors' bushes and had shoveled the end of my driveway. Then, while backing my car up, I got stuck in the pothole at the end of my driveway and finally ended up successfully on the street. Backing up was interesting, since the bushes have fallen over and were scraping my car to bits. Luckily, I thought ahead and didn't clear the ice from that side of my car at all, so essentially, the ice protected my car just fine.

I parked my car at the end of my driveway, though, because I didn't really want to deal with having to back up and get scraped by the bushes again tomorrow morning, and walking out to the car is not a big deal. Hopefully, no one will be stupid and try to turn around in my driveway tonight and hit my car. I will cross my fingers on that.

So, the snow has ended, and I hope 125 is okay, because I'm going to work tomorrow, damn it. I am already off on Friday, and I do have work to finish before then.

Now, though, I am so stiff. My arms and knees more than my back, which is fine. But whacking the bushes with a broom to knock off the ice so they would straighten up a bit really did a number on my arms. Whew!


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