Blood & Summer wasn't on Josephine; I had forgotten that I hadn't transferred the old document files when I did the intial transfer. They are on my jump drive now, though, and I'll transfer them over and start going through them to see what's on there. I think there will be quite a few posts on my Pieces of String too Short to Save blog, though.

But I reread Blood & Summer, and while it needs a bit of work, it's also not too bad. The question is, though: What to do with it? Second Coming is 111,000 words long. I don't recall how long Blood & Summer is, but it's not that long at all (80-some pages.)

I could split Second Coming into its three books (Faith, Hope, and Redemption) and then have Blood and Summer as an afterword novella, almost, but I'm not sure about that, either. I have time to think about it, though.


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