After carrying Josephine around in my Healthy Back Bag for a week, I realized that my Healthy Back Bag is actually too large to carry around a small laptop. It was fine for my Dana, because it stood upright and was larger than my laptop, but for Josephine, the center of gravity is both heavier and in a different spot if I put her in my bag the same way as the Dana. Also, since the Healthy Back Bag is not made for a laptop, there's no padding other than my case, which is pretty padded, but still leaves me a bit paranoid.

So last night, I ordered two bags via ebags (free returns, yay!) to see which one will work. One is a Keen bag and one is a Timbuk2 messenger bag--an extra small one--that was on sale for a really good price. However, while ordering, I noticed it said free shipping on orders $35 or more, and they also had a 20% off sale. But when I clicked on the free shipping information, my 20% off disappeared (and I wasn't about to miss that), so I had to call them to see how to get it back.

Well, the nice lady on the phone gave me free shipping and 20% off my order. Which I didn't ask for at all, but was greatly appreciated. Are they this nice to normal customers too, I wonder? Granted, it was only a $13 savings for the shipping, but in the end, I am getting two bags for the full price of one of them. Not too shabby at all.

If one or both of the bags are too large, I will return one or both of them and try again, but I am hoping that one of them will work. And if the one I choose lasts as long as my Healthy Back Bag has (it has a minor zipper problem, but is still fine otherwise--and this is the first time ever that I've had a bag last this long without the strap breaking--)then I will be very pleased.

(The Keen bag has recycled components; I don't think the Timbuk2 bag does, but I've heard good things about them.) And I paid $60 for my Healthy Back Bag (at Sierra Trading Post, so on clearance) five years ago. Good quality!


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