I woke up very, very early this morning after dreaming that I had a headache. Well, I did have a headache, and sinus icky, and the wind was blowing (obviously a barometric pressure issue with my sinuses, which is a bit annoying) and I felt pretty nasty. When I finally went back to sleep, I slept until 10am. So much for church this morning! Argh.

It's actually kind of warm outside, though. Weird.

So I took to ibuprofen, which really didn't help, and now I still have a bit of a headache (of course, when I don't move it stops.) And the wind is still blowing, so I'm thinking it might be around for a bit longer. Bending over to take my laundry out of the dryer is going to be interesting, and I have to clean out the litterboxes today too. *sigh*

The peach pie bread went over well, but there was way too much food and we almost had a electrical fire--or, at least, it would have reached that point if someone hadn't noticed before it was too late. My bear was well-received, and I got a AA rechargable battery charger in exchange. Since I was actually going to buy one of these the other day, that's a good thing! (See, I have these battery-powered candles I wanted to put in my windows, and I didn't want to keep buying batteries for them. Since I got all the candles for cheap, I thought I'd spend the money for a battery charger; now I don't have to. But it only came with four batteries, so I will have to buy more rechargeable batteries. But that's ok.

And I saw one of my Christmas presents (by accident, not by design) last night, and it's lovely and a wonderful idea, and I can't wait until spring so I can use it. :)


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