Today, I received a 74lb package via UPS--some things I bid on from ebay. I didn't mention them here, because I wanted to be sure that I was right, and I was. I bought 35lbs of cotton rug warp--great for warp, yes, but also great for dishcloths and dishtowels, too--for $13.

Individually, each full spool costs $5.97 retail. There are 30 full spools, and 69 total, with only two that don't have much left at all. There are great colors, too; I'm very happy to have saved so much money on these!

But the only reason why I got them so cheap was because the seller had them listed as 35lbs of embroidery thread. Which they are not, but I don't think she knew any better.

She didn't know any better about the other part of my order, either; she had spools of what looked like strips of fabric, so I bid accordingly and got 22 spools for cheap. Except, they are really spools of fabric ribbon--like grosgrain ribbon, I guess--and each spool is 7 1/2 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide. There are two spools of fabric, but most of the spools are the ribbon. Most are red, but I think there's a couple of navy, and some denim blue as well (but that's actually something else, some sort of binding.) A few are marked with a 1955 date.

The spools are from The Narrow Fabric Co. in Reading, PA (I'm assuming PA; that part of the label is gone. It is mostly 1/4 inch ribbon. (And hey, The Narrow Fabric Co. is still in existence!)

So what would you do with a million yards of fabric ribbon?


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