So Josephine is almost a week old, here, and so far, my sole complaint is a bit of a lag while opening a 93k novel in AbiWord. But since the same thing happens on my desktop, it's not much of a complaint. I am getting pretty close to 7 hours battery life, and have charged her twice (once since the initial time) so far. Still no wireless, though; maybe someday I will get enough gumption to figure out what I am doing wrong. (I'm sure it's me, but I'm also not very worried about it.)

I successfully loaded Mozilla Sunbird for my calendar application so I could transfer my work calendar to Josephine, and that also went off without a hitch. Transferring files between computers is quick and easy and painless.

And I still like the keyboard a lot. A lot a lot. :)

As a writing machine, I'd definitely recommend it so far. I'm having no trouble whatsoever yet, and if things keep going this well, I will be very pleased with my purchase.


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