So I've decided--the computer is staying downstairs. That means my former 'office/studio' needs a new name, and since my sewing machines, serger, fabric, and such will stay up there, I now declare that room to be the 'sewing room.' There may be some rearranging when I get up there to clean--it is a mess--since my blue desk would be a great craft desk and the oak desk would be a great sewing desk, I may switch them around. But we'll see. I haven't measured anything yet anyway, so I don't even know if that will work.

That said, I'm aiming for making January cleaning month. Yes, the entire month. I need to finish up and get my house in order before spring, after all; I'll be busy with the garden come springtime, and I'd really like the house to be in order by then. I want to have things clean enough and organized enough to be able to do minor maintenance cleaning every week instead of major reorganization. I want to have things streamlined so I can concentrate on writing, gardening, weaving, crafting, and everything else I have to do. Since this will be my first real year alone in the house, I am giving myself some time to get things situated for the year ahead.

I will have a schedule of rooms to complete per week, and since the downstairs is fairly okay, the majority of my time will be upstairs once I get some things done down here.

Having January as a cleaning month gives me December to get my Christmas presents done, and also December to get other things situated so I don't have that hanging over my head when I'm supposed to be cleaning. That means auctions won't restart until February, unless I get the cleaning/decluttering done early. But that's okay. I don't like posting auctions in December anyway, since the PO is usually pretty crowded all the time.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm just not going to clean throughout December; I am. But it's not #1 on my priority list this month. :)


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