Well, my new writing tool is here. And I can't say that she's 'just' a writing tool; she is an extension of my writing brain. (And even though I don't usually name computers, her name is Josephine.)

At the moment, I am transferring all my documents onto my flash drive, and I will then add AbiWord (already downloaded) and should be good to go. Of course, I just now realized that I started transferring files before hotsyncing my Dana. So I will have to do that, too.

I very quickly ran upstairs and made her a padded case--quite pretty for a ten minute job--and all it really needs are two snaps to be complete.

And now, AbiWord is installed, and so are most of my documents. Not the old ones; there are pictures mixed in with those and I know I don't have room on my flash drive for pictures. At least, not yet.


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