The peach pie bread's in the bread machine (on the dough setting; I'm using my brioche pans to make the loaves look pretty) and since I evidently forgot to write down my variations on the original apple pie bread recipe last time, I had to make it up again. Hopefully it will work as well as it did before. (I was pretty sure what I did last time, so if it does work, I'll post the recipe this time.)

And I used the rest of the peach pie mix to make peach crisp for breakfast. It's almost done, so I will get to eat soon. :)

I decided against putting both the bear and the scarf in the gift exchange, so I'm just bringing the bear. That will do just fine, especially since I'm not quite happy with how the edges ended up on the scarf. They did even out quite a bit, but they aren't quite perfect. (Of course, I'm probably the only person who would notice, but oh well.) I may end up making something out of the scarf instead of leaving it as a scarf. We'll see. It would actually make a nice long pillow. Hmm.

I have to leave in three hours, so hopefully everything will be done by then. I have to get gas in my car and stop at the grocery for cream cheese for the bread.


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