Well, we got a bit of snow, but not White! Death! at all. That's evidently going to arrive just in time for afternoon rush hour (or before; they're still a bit iffy on that one.) So I'll be able to get to work just fine. Getting home afterwards, that's the question.

Mabel was up until after midnight last night. Three times, I got out of bed and walked downstairs, expecting to see something outside; three times I snarled and yelled at her to go to bed. The third time, she went in her crate, because I have to get up really early already, and I really don't appreciate being kept up two hours past my bedtime. So I slept in this morning a bit. No yoga this morning for me. :(

So I am not very happy this morning, especially with her.

I'm hoping that it doesn't take me too long to get home tonight, because I really have to warp my knitters loom and start on the project for that one, and I really, really need to finish the dishcloths-that-are-taking-forever so I can warp the LeClerc again and get my Christmas presents done. *sigh*


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