Okay, okay, here is a picture of the case, which used to be a sweater; I certainly didn't embroider the flowers on myself*! :)

And a picture of Josephine herself, with Loki in fine form as a desktop background picture.

*although everyone at work thought I did, and they also thought I should make cases to sell. They were impressed. It was a ten minute job. It is lined with the remnants of a J. Jill fleece sweater that was too short for me to wear, doubled, so it's extra padded. (The sweater was a cardigan style, so I left the buttons in place and the case buttons up. That's why it's not quite flat on the one side.)


Jenny said…
Very cute!
Grey said…
So pretty! And yes, you should make and sell them. :)
Jennifer said…
Thanks, both of you! :)

Grey, I will consider it. I may do a woven one first and see how that turns out; I'd almost rather weave them. :)

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