Okay, at long last, and after much research, I have made the decision to replace my Dana. Only, not with another Dana.

Alphasmart, I will still recommend your product to other writers. I have used my Dana for over five years now, and written dozens of novels on it. But, when I can buy something quite nice for $50 more, I think it's time for the Dana to have a price decrease.

In the end, the extra battery life didn't win. I'm sorry.


Jenny said…
I just heard about these. I'll be interested to hear how they work--the person I heard about them from was talking about how they'd be a good mini-laptop for business trips, touching up presentations or keeping up with e-mail, so I don't know how they'll do for your kinds of applications.
Jennifer said…
I have heard good things, and I can easily load AbiWord or even Open Office on it, so it shouldn't be an issue. (It comes with Microsoft Works, which I could also use, but I rather like AbiWord.)

I think, after checking out the one at Office Depot, that I will really like this. :)

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