First thoughts:

I think, with added paraphernalia, Josephine is a bit heavier than my Dana, and not only by one ounce. At least that's what it feels like to me. But it's not a terrible weight.

I sat upstairs and typed for about 30 minutes before bed last night with Josephine balanced on my lap (with the case I made underneath.) I was quite comfy typing like that. And I really, really, really like the keyboard. In fact, it's a more nicely responsive keyboard than anything I've ever used. I'm not sure why it feels so nice, but it does.

Had no problem typing like normal (with all my fingers) within a sentence of beginning. The only key I had to look for briefly was the ctrl key, it feels like it's a little bit lower than normal.

I definitely don't have to type with a light on; the screen is probably bright enough to illuminate the keyboard, but I haven't tested that yet.

Had absolutely no issue at all installing AbiWord or my documents. In fact, it was faster to install AbiWord on Josephine vs. my desktop, which doesn't have as much memory.

I don't have wireless here, of course, so I didn't try the internet or anything. To me, that's just an extra piece of the whole.

Battery life--it said I had five hours and fifty minutes when I inserted the battery initially. As of last night, I'd used it quite a bit, so I have three hours remaining. I'm sure I'll use it (showing it off) at work today, so we'll see. I really have to look it up and see how long it takes the battery to charge. (Looks like 3.5 hours. Not bad.)

And, and this is the biggie--while typing, I didn't accidentally delete anything because of the mouse. Not once! This is actually really a big deal for me, because that's one of the biggest reasons why I hate laptops.

Since I have AbiWord and Microsoft Works, I see no reason to keep the 60-day trial of Microsoft Office (I can always install OpenOffice if I need an office application, after all) so I'll delete that today and free up some additional space. Not that I need it; I have 130-some GB of space free at the moment. :)

I will write a longer review tonight (hopefully) with comparisons.


Jenny said…
Ooh, this is sounding good. :) Especially the bit about the keyboard.

Is there a picture of the case?
Grey said…
Yes! We want a picture of the case!

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