State of the prologue: Ongoing. Handwritten, believe it or not. I have written about 3k in the past two days. Once I finish this, I'll type it into Josephine and go on from there.

State of the packages: Strangely enough, my UPS and/or FedEx guy/s have been leaving packages on both porches. They normally leave them on my side porch, but now I have to check both porches every evening when I get home. I would prefer them to leave packages on my side porch per usual, because that's the porch I get into the house from. Luckily, I'm really only expecting two more packages, one of which evidently got left behind in the UPS warehouse and is now delayed until 12/22. (The second bag, which I may end up returning, because the first one came today and I really like it so far.)

State of the presents: I've finished Christmas shopping. Period. I do have to wrap everything.

State of the handmade presents: I should be finished with scarf #1 tonight or tomorrow morning (first thing.) Then I need to warp my knitters loom for alternate gift #2, and I really, really need to finish those dishtowels, dammit so I can warp the LeClerc for present #3. The Union Loom has placemats on it, at least I hope they will be placemats, and Esther needs to have that sample done so I can warp her as well. I think I'll be weaving all day tomorrow. Not complaining!

State of supper: lima beans and corn, aka succotash.

State of the writer: hungry.

State of the job: Still have one, which is good. So far, at least. I hate uncertainty!

State of the finances: Seem bleak, but with a job, they are fine. I do have a Very Important New Year's Resolution, though. Other than to still have a job by December of next year, that is.


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